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This is what some of the participants have said in the past:

We made great connections when we got to go deeper into our lives and hopes and wishes. I definitely feel more confident speaking and having conversations in Spanish as a result of this class.

Si pudiera cambiar algo, acerca del programa, me gustaría que fuera tres veces por semana, en vez de una. [If I could change something about the program, I would like it to be three times a week instead of one]

I think programs like this that connect two communities that wouldn’t otherwise interact in order to solve a mutual problem are so great. I hope I can be part of more programs like this in the future, or even start one.

I have learned new vocabulary, new grammatical tenses and uses, new resources for continued learning. I have learned about tandem as a concept and as a tool to implement in future activities and locations. An unexpected learning was in the reflections, something that was new to me that I know have a good grasp on how to effectively reflect upon learning experiences.

Estoy satisfecha porque mis compañeras me ayudaron a corregir mi inglés y me tuvieron mucha paciencia, GRACIAS, espero que siga habiendo más reuniones. [I am fulfilled because my partners helped me to correct my English and they were patient with me, THANK YOU, I hope we keep having more sessions]

I enjoyed learning about the daily lives of these women. They work SO hard, some of them in the fields. For them to come here at night is incredible.

Working with the students from Salinas opened my eyes to a community I did not know much about. It also showed me that people from widely different backgrounds and present situations do have common interests and some values are cross cultural.

The focus on speaking and participation throughout the course forced me to get out of my comfort zone and stop worrying about every little detail to just speak. The tandem sessions were especially helpful because my partners were generally more comfortable speaking Spanish and I was able to understand most of what they were saying. The weekly reflections were helpful to improve my writing, particularly connecting complex thoughts over a longer space.

Mi compañero es una excelente persona. Él me ayudó mucho en mi English. [my partner is an excellent person. He helped me a lot with my English]

I’ve learned to be patient and have fun with the language. I’ve learned to receive feedback with a smile and to keep pushing forward.

Aprendí a no tener miedo ni vergüenza en el momento de hablar porque ninguno de ellos mostró eso en clase. [I learned not to be afraid or ashamed at the moment of talking because none of them showed that in class]

Aprendí que gente del ejercito es gente respetable, seria, inteligente, y él me ayudó mucho en mi inglés. [I learned that people in the Army are respectable, serious, and intelligent, and he helped a lot with my English]

Para mí fue una excelente experiencia, porque cuando iniciamos creí que sería muy complicado y no, fue todo lo contrario. [for me, it was an excellent experience, because when we started I thought it was going to be very complicated and it ended up being quite the opposite]