Reciprocal Language Exchanges

Recicle Learning emerges from our Team Tandem Fund for Innovation project, an innovative learning experience that connects Spanish learners at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) with English learners in the community. So far, we have created two programs. One of them in Soledad, collaborating with Mujeres en Acción (Action Council) and the other one in Salinas, collaborating with the Salinas Adult School.

Help us reach our next milestones:

-An Immersive Program
-A Recicle App, for autonomous learners
-A Recicle physical space for language exchanges in the community

Recicle stands for Reciprocal Intercultural Language Exchanges. Our curriculum lays stress on sustained human connections, cultural and community awareness, professional and personal skills, language confidence, low-tech (audio recordings) for noticing new and passive linguaculture knowledge, and recycling content for long-lasting language proficiency development.

This is a poster we made for the Fund for Innovation Festival. Click on for full size!